Short Takes – a reader generated feature

This can be sort of a semi-open moderated/edited reader submission feature to appear  once a week or every few days (so as to be somewhat timely).

Rather than e-mail send a comment on or off topic to any current feature with the lead “short take .” That is key along with your quip, comment or perhaps link or other referral.  Please appreciate that our use of discretion is not a condemnation.  Every few days we will take the appropriate accumulation and post it as a feature under that week’s or day’s “Short Takes” rather than run them as a less seen comment.

We will post it using your initials, anonymous, or your name as you indicate in the item sent. One to five or so lines would be in keeping with the Short Take format. Comments of any length are still welcome as are submissions for featured inclusion.

Here are a couple from DLH to demonstrate:

Reader’s Short Takes

President Trump Hits Back Hard At TV Pundit Ann Coulter: “Wacky Nut Job” . . .

After hearing her on Breitbart over the weekend, I agree. She is a “Nut Job”!


“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has been indicted by a grand jury in Chicago on 16 felony counts after allegedly lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime, NBC News confirmed Friday.”

Guess this means one less Democrat president candidate.

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  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    Today, my dad and I were conversing when he asked, “Why would those stars pay that kind of money to get their kids into college?”
    I responded, “Those aren’t just any colleges. A diploma, along with the classmates you rub shoulders with at those elite schools, are tickets into the good-old-boys network. Almost a guarantee of a gravy job for top-dollar.”
    He then asked, “Won’t their employer soon learn they aren’t very smart?”
    I said, “Half the people running the world aren’t very smart.”

    As a kid, I watched the Wizard of Oz a dozen times. The scarecrow had no brain. Then the wizard gave him a diploma. “Nuf said.”

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