George Carlin on arrogant man ‘saving’ Gaia

  • It is about liberals aesthetics and leftist control — it is not about saving mankind

There we were reading an always informative article at The Daily Signal, this one titled

Here Are 5 Hysterical Environmentalist Claims in Modern History 

It chronicles some of the hysteria emanating over the years from the new Nazi’s a.k.a. Environmental Movement. A commenter to that site linked to this Carlin routine that has a lot of insight about mans arrogance as regards “the planet.”  Now we realize comedian/social critic Carlin was not justifying real pollution just the ridiculousness of the gaia worshipers. Now Carlin produced some seriously bogus routines over the years, but combine it with the wit of P.J. O’Rourke (predating Carlin’s routine) in his priceless book Eat the Rich and you have a one-two punch against what is really a movement for one-world government central planning by (and for) elitists, toward a disaster for mankind.

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  1. Leone says:

    Same people whose belief in “science” leads them to conclude there are 19 genders

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