Breitbart host tries to justify the GOP 12

  • The GOP 12 are one load short of MS-13
  • But doing more to bring in MS-13 recruits than they can
  • Breitbart must be rolling over in his grave
  • Wait, Paul Ryan should be given honor of “13”

Listening to Breitbart News this morning and caught part of a substitute host discussing the GOP Senate’s rebuke of Trump’s Emergency Declaration”. Did not learn who the ‘sub’ for regular host Alex Marlowe was, but how Breitbart ever let this guy on is amazing. He couldn’t be as naive and unaware as he pretended, as he vigorously defended the despicable action by the 12 GOP senators who voted against their president on Thursday. I’ll be surprised if he is ever on again!

From his commentary:

a) Trump ‘mishandled’ the border issue. He should have gotten the funding for the wall the first thing after his election. He had both houses of congress and should have used the momentum from his upset victory to make it the first thing on his agenda.

b) He should not have tried to use ’emergency action’ to get funding that Congress didn’t give him. “Sets a precedent’ that a future Democrat president will use to get leftist objectives…eg., suspend the “Second Amendment” for example (though says just an example, not necessarily most likely). GOP should not ‘give’ the president such powers so that the future Democrat will use.

c) “Not to worry”…Trump can get the wall funding…though he was unclear as to how that would be ‘easy’.

d) Went on to mention Obama’s ‘executive action’ on Obamacare and DACA…as “abuses’ that were used in past and that the president ‘should not be given more powers’ that future Democrat congresses would fully support…because “Democrat Reps and Senators always support their president’. He seemed to ‘proudly note that GOP congresses don’t just give their full support in giving powers to theirs’.

On each of these points, it sounded like Don Lemon on MSNBC (under if Lemon got his ‘education’ on a “Crew” scholarship from Yale):

a) “Should have gotten the wall funding first thing”. Where was this guy? 1) the first thing the GOP majority did, following the election was to go out of its way to deny funding, thanks to Paul Ryan and no help from McConnell’s Senate. 2) that “momentum’ Trump had following his ‘upset’ win. What momentum? Trump has been opposed by his own treacherous party (recall s. Collins, Flake, et al? Recall the “Russia collusion’ fantasy that occupied every news cycle from Day one?Recall the 90% negative media coverage since even before the Inauguration? Recall the lying assurances Trump was given by Ryan and McConnell that he can relax…he’ll get his wall funding in the ‘next’ budget, right now isn’t the time”?)

b) Again, that tired old “mustn’t set a ‘precedent” that a future Democrat president will use to do all kinds of “bad things”!

This is irrefutable proof that this guy isn’t serious at all.

Since when do the Democrats need a ‘precedent’ to do anything they wish? The “precedent” crap was the excuse for not using the “nuclear option” to confirm judges, thanks to John McCain (God rest his soul). Lack of precedent didn’t bother Harry Reid… the first action he took when he became Senator Majority Leader…the “Nuclear Option” went BOOM!!

And Obamacare…the Democrats set many of their own “precedents” to get the Obamacare monstrosity rammed through. And, then there was DACA!

Those “precedents in all those cases, however, seemed for some reason not to be available when Republicans reclaimed power (i.e.. “couldn’t use ‘reconciliation’ to get rid of Obamacare even though the Democrats used it to get it…setting a ‘precedent’, by the way; DACA, although clearly an UnConstitutional “executive” action could not be rescinded in the same way it was created; Obama’s “Emergency Declarations” were never challenged by either party).

c) And, then the substitute host’s assurance that “Trump will get his wall funding…not to worry”;

Really? How? As Obama would say.. “he have a magic wand or something?” Apparently this ‘host’ doesn’t know, doesn’t care, or doesn’t mind just lying…many in the GOP Congress don’t want the wall!!! The US Chamber of Commerce doesn’t; most of the big money supporters of Republican Representatives and senators don’t want a wall!!! None of the GOP establishment leadership wants a wall!!!! And, did we mention? The liberal media doesn’t want the wall.

d) Finally, The ‘GOP 12’ were wise in not giving the presidency such ‘powers’ as ’emergency declarations’ that can be used in the future by Democratic presidents to do bad stuff.

WHAT?! Congress gave the presidency ‘those powers’ in the 70’s! How many such declarations in the past have there been…and how many are even still in effect???

I wonder if that “guest host”lasted the full show he was on? I hope not!     DLH

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