This is AP-style ‘journalism’

A lesson from “Journalism 501” (Advanced Course)

Do you remember the Associated Press’ account of President Obama speaking at a ceremony in 2010 as he presented a Navy corpsman with the Medal of Honor?:

“Obama, as he so often does, was unable to correctly pronounce well-known words as the Commander-in-Chief bestowed the nation’s highest military honor referred to the recipient as a “corpseman”. He has used the term on other occasions at least twice, including in a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. “

No? You don’t recall that?

That’s probably because it never happened. Such ‘editorial snark’ in a “news story” by the AP is reserved exclusively for President Trump, as in from a recent report on Trump’s visit to the southern border”

“Trump as he so often does, mixed fact with fiction when warning of the threat at the border”.

This opportunity to jab Trump was this: “When complaining about the Flores legal settlement that governs treatment of migrant children and families, he blamed “Judge Flores, whoever you might be.” But Flores was an unaccompanied 15 year old girl from El Salvado.

To all you former military “corpsemen” in our “57 states”, you gotta admit…the Associated Press is on the case!      DLH

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