What P T Barnum meant to say . . .



Only $10, Proceeds Go To Democratic National Committee

And here it is:

This is why P.T. Barnum meant to say “There’s a Democrat Voter Born Every Minute!”


One more reason Steve Cohen is a runner-up to Maxine Waters and “Pencil-Neck” Schiff every year in the “Dumbest Clown in Congress”!

During a 2018 open congressional hearing of FBI agent Peter Strzok, Cohen said, “If I could give you a Purple Heart, I would… This has been an attack on you and a way to attack Mr. Mueller and the investigation that is to get at Russian collusion involved in our election.” (Veteran groups criticized his comment, as the Purple Heart is reserved of recognizing soldiers wounded in combat! Cohen apologized for his comments, saying “I regret mentioning the Purple Heart medal at yesterday’s hearing. My intent was to speak metaphorically to make a broader point about attacks against the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into a Russian attack on our country.” )

*One of the most incredible shows the world has ever seen was at the American Museum in New York in 1856. This museum contained a vast array of curiosities and freaks, but the most amazing highlight was the 6-Foot-Tall Man Eating Chicken.

Such a creature sounds impossible and horrific, but it was one of the key attractions of the museum. People would stand in line for a brief glimpse of such a beast. And who can blame them? After paying a few pennies for admission, they’d be ushered into a room, the curtains would be pulled back, and the stunning attraction would appear before them, just as described …

A tall man, seated at a table, gnawing on some chicken wings.
The greatest show on earth

Whatever else you say about P.T. Barnum, the mind behind the Man Eating Chicken, the fellow knew how to woo a crowd. While people didn’t always get exactly what they expected, they’d certainly be entertained.       DLH

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