Plugs Biden: the tragicomedy of ingrown hair

Having Striven Mightily the Army of Democratic Candidates Have Finally Achieved The Ultimate…Absolute Parody!

Entering the race late has put Joe Biden at a definite disadvantage. But, look, this is Good Ol’ Joe Biden (spelled with a red “E”). Haven’t we learned? You don’t mess with Ol’ Joe!

While all the other candidates had already gotten their promises out to the voters…all the stuff each will do if you just elect them in ’20…free college, free healthcare, free abortion, all your debts forgiven, everlasting peace in the world, a carbon free galaxy, Stacy Abrams a Vice President… what’s left?

Even dedicated communists were aghast. Even the Great Helmsman, Mao, never went so far with his promises. Chairman Josef (Stalin) would have laughed at the promises of this year’s Democrat field…they make utopia look like hell on earth by comparison!

So what does Joe promise. You read it here in Veritaspac…Joe vows to Cure Cancer!

This must be it, The Political Laffer of All Time!

Joe Did it !

He exposed the Democratic party’s 2020 presidential campaign for what it is…The Greatest Self Parody in National Politics in History!

Hurry, Hurry, Get your tickets here…see the Six Feet Tall Man Eating Chicken!


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