“Centrist Joe” Manchin

The sort of thing “Centrist Joe” is capable of (would not surprise us if these photos were taken the same day)

Ya’ll remember “moderate”, “centrist” Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV)?

He used to be the ‘mostest’ regular guest on the FOX Neil Cavuto show (and a kind of Democrat Party “Cavuto”).

Especially when he was running for reelection in ’18, Joe was twisting himself in a pretzel to show West Virginians what a big “reach across the aisle” moderate he was.

Well, this morning I happen to be ‘surfing’ the cable news nets and I came to CNN/ MSNBC/CNBC (they’re all alike) and guess who was a guest…Senator Joe Manchin. Apparently, “moderate Joe” is making the rounds to announce the bill he is introducing to require ‘equal pay’ for the US Women’s Soccer Team:

Here’s Manchin (from NBC News):

“The clear unequitable pay between the U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams is unacceptable and I’m glad the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team latest victory is causing public outcry,” Senator Manchin said. “They are the best in the world and deserve to be paid accordingly.”

There you have it!

Under Manchin’s bill, “…federal funding for hosting the 2026 World Cup will be withheld until the USWNT (US Women’s National Team) is paid on equal terms with the men.”

(According to a Huffington Post report, the money would normally go to host cities, U.S. Soccer, CONCACAF, and FIFA.)

So Joe. What if withholding federal funds from cities hosting the World Cup doesn’t result in “equal pay” for the ladies?

Well, the typical solution no doubt Megan Rapinoe’s and her fans will urge “Centrist Joe” to take, and which he will likely embrace:

“The clear unequitable pay between the U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams is unacceptable. I am thus introducing another bill which will require the federal government to purchase USWNT jerseys and tickets to the team’s games, all of which will be distributed free of charge to minorities, people of color, and LGBTQ supporters, in sufficient quantities to pay for increased ‘equal pay’ for these wonderful sportswomen.

“If this doesn’t work, all recipients of federal Medicaid payments will be required to attend USWNT games or those payments will be suspended.”

Watch out! It’s coming. AOC and Ilhan, and Tlaib, and the other congressional “Socialist Democrats are likely already on board. How about you, Kamala?

Careful what you ask for, Megan Rapinoe…

Megan, as your pay goes up, the likelihood grows that many of your ‘teamies’, possibly even you, might find yourselves forced to compete for a job with some male soccer athletes and fellow LGBTQers who ‘feel like they are women soccer players’!


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