Ryan disappoints liberals, they are wrong to be disappointed

DLH sends this bizpac article about Paul Ryan in a recent book . In forwarding it our Illustrious Senior editor comments that  “Paul Ryan is a faithless, arrogant, untrustworthy incompetent who wants the world to think he’s the opposite of those traits. He is hopeful that this book is what does Trump in in ’20.”   DLH will have more to offer but to steal a little thunder (he has much to give) :

They are so wrong about him

Liberals don’t realize HOW good they had it with Paul Ryan. He was an impediment to serious conservatism.  No revelation to us or our readers on that score. Helped them on budgets and spending, and protecting illegal immigration. Push come to shove he never stood up to Planned Parenthood.  He was as weak hitter a Speaker as they come. All of which went a long way to protect and inculcate liberalism in the nation’s fabric.

Certainly Ryan’s announced resignation, in a way to help pad Nancy’s takeover in 2018, should be seen for what it was, a pathetic revelation about him.  Oh liberals wanted him gone so they could control the House but they did not want him to be a lame duck in the mean time. As the article reveals they wanted him to stand up to Trump to the end. Oh in their more sober moments they may realize he was the best they could expect. Actually he hung in with them to the last  –  slow walking and impeding by inaction or lack of clout — much of the early Trump agenda.  More on Paul Ryan later from DLH.

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