The Clinton’s coincidences have become a joke

If you have something on them, or those powerful like them, or as one of them, they fear you will betray them, well, you better have an insurance policy, noncancellable. So the meme goes.

The Clinton personas are now set in the meme world by the many “coincidences” — suicides, murders, unexplained deaths of people who may have had intimate personal knowledge of one or the others “activities”.   They have been associated with a lot of scandal and there has been an awful lot of collateral damage.

‘Clinton death list’: 33 spine-tingling cases

The following is via in the last few days:

Clinton coincidence? Was Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide?

Would they be involved in taking out Epstein . . . if not them would any of their friends and acquaintances also implicated by their association with Epstein? Besides the available record of twenty some flights by Bill Clinton (however denied by BC) on Epstein’s airplane “The Lolita Express” Epstein is said to have kept a black book so to speak. If such a record exists and “damaging” information is found —  without Epstein around to swear to it, add damning verifiable details, well it may be that nothing is criminally actionable.

The Clintons are not afraid of implications, their sycophants are sufficient to allow them to proceed unencumbered by more than “rumor”  into their rapidly waning years.  But I suspect Bill is desperate to stay out of jail and Epstein’s demise might be convenient for him, although surely just another mere coincidental death.

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