Afghanistan meeting — What’s the big deal?

Tally Mon /  Taliban, whatever, you would think even ol’ Harry would get behind an effort at peace

“Secret meeting”  Trump

“Confidential diplomacy” – Obama

“come Mister Taliban tally me banana

day light come and me wanna go home

come Mister Taliban tally me banana

day light come and me wanna go home

day-o day-o

day light come and me wanna go home”

What’s the big deal, we ask?

– Trump arranges a ‘secret meeting’ with Taliban representatives at Camp David; the purpose, of course, is to seek a just end to a war which has taken so many lives over the last 18 years or so.

– He cancels it at virtually the last minute because of the Taliban’s stubborn, evil
tendencies…the continued murder of American service personnel and innocent civilians!

– The media, upon learning of the then cancelled ‘secret meeting’ musters its usual high dudgeon, outraged that:

a) there was a top level national security/foreign policy meeting that Rachel Maddow and Jim Costa didn’t know about!

b) Taliban representatives were to tread the hallowed ground of Camp David (rumored that Jerold Nadler has already subpoenaed records to verify an allegation that Camp David is a Trump property)

c) the meeting was to have occurred on virtually the eve of 9/11!

d) and any other of the assorted reasons, rumors, excuses, complaints, etc that media, Democrats, Never Trumpers, and various DC Establishment figures have attempted to use in the past to paint the president as ‘evil’, as a spy for various foreign governments, as a violator of the Constitution’s “emoluments clause”, as a tax dodger, as a………..

We’ve learned that Condoleeza Rice did not approve of the meeting, the site, or the timing.

It was possibly the main reason John Bolton was fired as Trump’s third National Security advisor.

But nowhere did I hear anyone in the media, congress, or anywhere else attempt any comparison of Trump’s effort to get an agreement to end the war in Afghanistan to the Obama regime’s several “secret meetings” with Iran. The former president arranged to, also secretly, help the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism finance its global terrorist activities, add to the long list of American military personnel the mullahs have killed, and, without Constitutionally required Senate ratification, conclude an “agreement” which obligated the entire world to help Iran get nuclear weapons.

As to where is the best place to seek an agreement to end a long and unproductive war might be, or the most appropriate date to do so…perhaps President Trump should sponsor a contest in which Ms. Rice, Mr. Bolton, and assorted Democrats and media figures could submit their ideas.   DLH

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