What is behind Drudge constant “negative sensationalism” about Trump?

  • AKA calumny

Check out how Drudge presents the news about Bolton leaving his position. (screen capture from my phone)

It seems any characterization that can be had that would impune Trump is trumpeted.

When we read the article, which was positioned at top of picture as an active link to Mediaite the word lie is not used by Bolton. Indeed the word lie does not appear in the Mediaite article except as the headline — but why would Drudge trumpet it so matter-of-factly, without quotations, when it is characterization by a leftist rag?  It is not as if Drudge does not make it a practice to impart his own verbiage for now tiresome sensational purposes whenever he wants to?  Mediate would not be an authority on the inner workings of the White House nor a go to place for Bolton’s confidences.

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