Daesh on Qanus handed their ass

  • Unfortunate name for an island to seek refuge on
  • Wherever their head was, it is no longer there
  • If the Taliban is watching – their sh*t is weak

The US Air Force with the cooperation of other OIS (Operation Inherent Resolve) coalition members pretty much sunk an island stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) the acronym for a recapitulated Islamic terror organization. The attack took place on September 10th.

Yesterday Trump put the Taliban on notice. They could have had a peace process, now, if they make any more terror efforts against us, or innocent civilians anywhere, well — Trump’s coming and Hell’s coming with him

If it was an Army operation, soldiers would say HOOAH! ; if Marine, OORAH ! But we were at a loss as to what Air Force members say.  We researched it a little online and got various answers — BOOYAH, ZOOMIE and from wag sources — MEOW and YIPPEE. Additional intel appreciated.

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