Something to ask Fauxcahontas

  • Maybe she should have went for I was born a poor black child

As readers are well aware Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren used to dance around claiming American Indian heritage — no doubt  to imply she or her family had direct experience of white-man’s evil ways and the legacy of discrimination.  She even used the claim as part of her application processes to teach at Harvard and her Texas Bar registration.

Eventually succumbing to challenges to prove her heritage, she was found out to be not telling the truth. She has no American Indian heritage.

Now according to another Breitbart revelation “Fauxcahontas” Warren  is a direct descendant of an Indian Fighter who served with Andrew Jackson. Jackson was another  Democrat and one much hated by the  “indigenous” Americans for his ruthlessness and not to mention his Trail of Tears policy   So we have a couple of questions we hope will be asked of her by the moderator or others at the Democrat Chautauqua pow wow debate tonight.

1) Have you petitioned, for the record, to have your Texas Bar license records corrected?

2) How is your decades long claim to American Indian heritage and any affirmative action or political benefit it entailed, now, after revelations of your Indian fighter heritage (think Trail of Tears) not the same as a descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest claiming slave blood for political or other affirmative action benefit?  Just ask’n.

Hi.  My name is Nathan Bedford Forest the Fifth and I was born a poor Black child

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