Now, since Trump’s fer it, they’re agin it

OK, it’s probably not only  that  “if Trump’s for it they are against it” ~ because the capture of the Democrat party on immigration issues (the matter addressed here) seems complete no matter what. There are new Democrat bosses in town. Most of the clips in the montage below are more than ten years old. Back then, these Dems thought they owed some allegiance to “traditional” blue collar unions and their timely issues. However, even though the immigration system continued to get much worse, many of the unions and the party base started changing.

Traditional union thought about unfettered immigration driving wages down has been effectively checked by other group-think.  The new thought process includes seeing the influx as conscripts, whether or not to unionism, to the Democrat Party, and the broader philosophy of no borders, one world government, socialism.   The traditional unions have been checked and they helped bring it on themselves with lockstep Democrat voting.  The term useful idiots comes to mind.

Note the players shown below are still all on the scene. Received from over the transom, the title of the montage is – Where Is He getting All His Dumb Ideas

We would like to see how Snopes would spin this.  Probably something like “factual but not true.” And WaPo would give it “4 Pinocchios” because the phone is not authentic and Trump really does not have a TV like that in the Oval Office.       R Mall

Thanks to VM for the forward

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