About Presidential Transcripts

Just some of many questions American people should be asking:

– How can an honest evaluation of Trump’s phone call to the the Ukraine be made if the transcripts of all other presidents’ phone conversations with foreign leaders is not released to the American people?

Of special interest, surely, would be those conversations of former president Barack Obama. His overheard assurance to the Russian president (Medvedev) that he (Obama) would be more “flexible” in his dealings with Putin on major issues, especially nuclear weapons, following his ‘reelection’ could certainly be interpreted as a subtle plea for the Russian’s help (by giving him a little pre-election “slack”) in his reelection bid. And the “quid pro quo” is very obvious in that overheard exchange! That entire episode should have triggered a serious investigation. And, if it’s OK to make available to the whole world the confidential conversations presidents have with foreign leaders, what cries our for release more than this?!

– Also, how about “transcripts” of the secret negotiations that went on with Iran between Obama and Kerry and the Iranians prior to the “nuclear agreement”? Many of the provisions acceded to by Sec. of State Kerry were not revealed until AFTER the “agreement” was a “fait accompli”; some have never yet been revealed!

– Can it be imagined what Adam Schitt, Jerry “Slender Man” Nadler, and the rest of the radical Democrats would have said if Trump had uttered the words Obama did on that “hot mic” conversation with Medvedev?! Why didn’t the media go wild when that clear evidence of Obama’s “Russian collusion” became public?

– And the “Biden Ukraine and China” corruption. Are we to believe that Vice President Joe took son, Hunter, on Air Force 2 to Ukraine and China was just a “Take Your Child To Work” event?

There are other questions.      DLH

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