Verity News: “Stuart Smalley” (Al Franken) and “Pencil Neck” (Adam Schiff) to team up?

Rumors of these fellow Harvard graduates teaming up on SNL (one of Al’s old haunts) are rampant but suspect according to showbiz news source Verity (a sister publication of V’  Doubt comes from sources saying  SNL has more respect for the truth even in a comedy setting than these two can produce. Rumors started due to Schitts Schiffs physical resemblance to Andy Kaufman and bizarre grasp of reality. The idea shopped around was to do a reprise of the “glory days” of SNL with Stuart Smalley and Andy Kaufman. Recent events involving Al Stuart Franken have kind of quashed the deal insiders say. It is reported today that a ninth woman (who must be believed) has come forward to accuse Franken in whatever guise of unwanted sexual advances. Franken has been reported to be scripting a comeback after resigning in  disgrace as US Senator from Minnesota after the many earlier credible accusations (complete with photographs). Cast members (female, transgender and male) have united in opposition to Franken as it would produce an unsafe work environment. But Minnesota Democrats have not given up as they are noted for producing political clown shows and we are not talking the friendly kind.

Schitt Schiff it is said will not give up easily either as Hollywood acceptance and notoriety are key to his lies about Trump and his mission to replace Di Feinstein as Senator (although it seems she may only give it up “when you pry it from my cold, dead hands“).

Schiff already represents many of the Hollywood types as a congressman so an SNL gig would fit very well even if it is shot in East Hollywood (New York City) as it is closer to his regular stand-up gig in DC. And he needs practice as he is just not very good at doing parody as he has so seriously lied about so much that parody is impossible by him, only about him.

As former Rep. Trey Gowdy remarked about Schiff on Fox News’s The Story with Martha MacCallum:  “Adam Schiff has one of the worst senses of humor of anyone I’ve ever met,”  . . .“So, he doesn’t need to try parody.”

Parodying him however is easy. Just say anything and attribute it to him and you are “doing him”.

What is below his picture on the left just might be a parody.

Hello, My name is Adam Schitt aka ” Pencil Neck” aka Bug-eyed Liar aka Schiff for Brains.. I am a reprobate but I am a good fit for my district. I am also a weaselly climber who craves publicity (its a thing where I come from). It may be true that I will take money from just about anyone and leak confidential information. But disregard the pictures and quotes and the links to “scurrilous” reports (even though Scurrilous  is my middle name). It is not true that I have a dark side because frankly I do not have a light side.

Benghazi Liar Schiff Now Lies about Uranium One


Maybe Adam Schiff should investigate his donors before he goes after Trump

It took two years to arrest Democratic donor Ed Buck despite shocking allegations, red flags. Why?

Referencing picture below — with Schiff donor Ed Buck in the middle and Schiff on the left — who is the other person (or should it be perdaughter, or whatever the California pronoun requirements are?)

“They” is Eric C. Baum immediate past chair of the State Democrat Party in California. Below the picture are some links regarding Eric C. Baum. So in the center we have Schiff donor Buck accused of injecting meth into men-toys he has over to the house which has  resulted in two deaths, and on the right we have Baum, accused of forcing himself on other males (need we be more descriptive) and then there is the Father of Lies.

Eric C Baum Wiki

Top California Democrat investigated for sexual misconduct

Party official accuses state Democratic chairman of sexual misconduct

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