Election results October 8 primary election, preliminary analysis

Results of Davenport municipal primary

Precinct by precinct voting information is not available at this writing. When it is available an analysis of party strength  by registration in those precincts may lead to some conclusions.  Our initial comments are below the tabulated results from Scott County Auditor website.  Party identification of candidates for all area races including school board will be in a soon-to-be future post


Well the Quad City Chamber of Commerce must be sorely surprised, since it and so many of the cloth were the primary donors to candidate Portes. But you know the whole bi-state symbolism thing which is so much of Portes’ handler Victory Enterprise’s shtick (along with the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce) just doesn’t seem to cut it politically, if it ever did.  Portes’ web page designed by “VE” is resplendent with the symbolism of what most should see is a bridge to Illinois politics.  Wow, what a great compelling idea, raise the specter of Illinois and all its rot. When will these “Quad-Citians” figure out that people want their streets fixed, here in a city in Iowa. The “joined by a river” symbolism just says — distraction, and I am not focused on you but elect me.

The “Chamber” people think they are all about good policy but they sure are at the trough for their versions of it  – financed by public / private partnerships,  TIFs , bond issues  – you name it, as long it is guaranteed with everybody else’s money they are champions of “free” enterprise.  It is often assumed that they are Republican, and there are some of a type,  but look who was their guy  – a Democrat hailing from Chicago.  Plenty of Republicans no doubt fell for the Chamber BS or also regrettably for Matson’s, Mr. Public Union.

The mayoral vote between number two Rawson and Portes was close – only 8 votes separated them – but with so little turn-out (9%)  and only 748 votes by absentee the chances of picking up the necessary votes in a recount does not seem all that likely when  you are up against another Democrat. It would seem one would just conjure up more votes  so it might turn into just a “spell” casting match. Besides, Democrats will be satisfied that they have the Mayor’s office either way now in that Rawson will be opposing fellow Democrat, the “anti-Trump and all who voted for him “Mr. Union” Mike Matson, who received 33% of the vote.

We really believe that if one of the two Republicans who ran – Duffy and Weber — had pursued Republican voters early on by aggressively identifying as such they could have been contenders given the six way split even though neither would have had much money.

Republicans should really have someone to support in the general election and we hope one of the two who ran or another prominent Republican serve in a write-in campaign role.  Mostly word-of mouth and social media. If anybody has some solid reasons not to we would like to convey them.

Oh well, other races are actually more important.  Comments on the city council outlook and others in the next post.

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