Portes to recount – he can’t help it – he is from Chicago

  • Maybe Portes campaign Treasurer and long-time Democrat Op Betsy “Stonewall” Brandsgard knows something about counting problems?

Soooo he of formative years in Chicago Dan Portes has called for a recount of his 8 vote loss to Rawson in Tuesday’s Davenport Mayoral primary.  It is an absolute instinct among Democrats to keep counting until you win.

According to the article below he doesn’t expect the results to change but for posterity or something it must be verified.  We accept that but not totally at face value.

Third-place candidate Dan Portes is calling for a recount in Davenport’s mayoral primary

It is a hand count process and given the turnout it shouldn’t take very long.  Rawson, showing a touch of class said she would do the same thing. But then she is a Democrat as well.  Republicans tend to roll over it seems.

We forgot to mention prior to the election that Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Brandsgard serves as Porte’s Campaign Treasurer —  she of long-time Democrat operative experience – going back to her days with Former (Democrat) Iowa Speaker of the House Bob Arnould, running Don Avenson’s gubernatorial campaign, and being a  common visage in Demo circles. Interesting in that she was a donor (small) to Rawson just two years ago.

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