Fight climate change — force-feed congressional Democrats seaweed!

Much More methane could be reduced if Congressional Democrats were force-fed seaweed!  Both Chambers must be loaded with methane gas due to their verbal flatulence…start with Nancy, Adam, and Chuckie

Climate Alarmists Propose Feeding Cows Seaweed to Reduce Methane in Farts

“Environmentalists intent on finding new ways to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions to curb climate change have proposed a novel method: feed cows seaweed to diminish methane in flatulence, belches, and manure.

“Ermias Kebreab, an zoology professor at the University of California–Davis, led a team in producing a bovine meal regimen containing varying levels of Asparagopsis armata, a strain of red seaweed, and fed it to 12 dairy cows over a two-month period. In a mix containing just 1 percent seaweed, the cows’ methane emissions went down by a stunning 60 percent.

“In all the years that I’ve worked in this area, I’ve never seen anything that reduced it that much,” Kebreab said.

Now our DLH has made a good recommendation for even more effective use seaweed, however we also respect the view that reduced emissions are really due to seaweed constipation. In which case Katy-bar-the-door.

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