Will there be a blow torch to light the Michelle O candle?

Remember,… ‘America LOVES ‘best-selling’ author, …’brains behind Barack’, … ‘lovely and gracious…the ‘perfect candidate’! Michele! ?  Sure you do.

Hang On, Democrats! Michele’s Coming To The Rescue!

Anybody Still Think Michele Obama’s Not Going to Be Flattered, Cajoled, Tempted, “Oprah-ed” into Entering The Race After All The ‘Clowns’ Have Been Brought On?   dlh

Growing uncertainty looms over Democrats’ 2020 primary

MUSCATINE, Iowa (AP) — Look no further than Pearl City Station, a plain brick building set along the banks of the Mississippi River, to understand the growing sense of uncertainty seeping into the Democratic Party’s 2020 primary contest.

Inside, 200 Iowa Democrats recently sized up Joe Biden, the former vice president and one of their party’s leading presidential candidates. He engenders respect and admiration but generates little excitement.

One elderly man sitting in the back of the room fell asleep as the former vice president shared his vision for America’s future in unusually hushed tones for nearly 45 minutes without taking questions.

Afterward, David Metz, a member of the county Democratic committee, said that despite a campaign season that has already featured millions of dollars spent, countless miles logged and four debates staged, there is a deepening feeling of indecision among local voters who now have less than 100 days to finalize their 2020 pick.

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