Navy brass in deep with the deep state

We wonder — Old Joe Biden must miss being able to nuzzle a wife of Secretary of Defense


We believe our readers would be interested in what some of our Quad Cities area war veterans are thinking about CPO Gallagher’s case developments.

Accordingly we ask that those of our readers and non-regular readers who have first hand experience in combat conditions, whether in the Vietnam war, the current conflicts in Iraq, Syria, or wherever, weigh in on this important topic, here at Veritaspac.

If you wish your identity will not be revealed. (But we ask that those responding to this invitation, have the prescribed experiences).

Please, give us the benefit of your own experiences as they relate to what is known in the Gallagher case and the events surrounding it. Who is right? What do you think the upshot, byproducts, or consequences of the resolution of this case brings?            dlh


Initial reaction was this forward, a Kurt Schlichter article at Townhall, sent favorably,  from a person meeting the criterion.

The article is compelling and gives some background along the way definitely favorable toward Gallagher’s  acquittal  on the most serious charges, disparaging of the perfumed- prince Admirals miffed over being put in their place.  “Classic” Kurt Schlichter.

Fire the Admirals to Encourage the Others

Much of the reportage has been confusing or unclear about the purpose of  Secretary of Defense Esper firing Secretary of the Navy Spencer when perhaps at a superficial level it was over Spencer trying to work out a win-win that included allowing certain admirals who attempted to keel-haul Gallagher to save face while giving Trump the result he wanted with Gallagher. But it required Trump to blink and ignore shenanigans not to mention rule #1 as regards the military as per the Constitution – the President is commander in chief.

So reading more we see it was important that Spencer be fired to ACTUALLY preserve the good order and discipline of the Navy (and by example the entire US military).

Here is the basic story (excerpts via Daily Wire)

The Trump administration fired Navy Secretary Richard Spencer on Sunday for a “lack of candor” in the handling of the case of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who was acquitted of charges earlier this year accusing him of shooting civilians, murdering a captive ISIS terrorist, and threatening Navy SEALs who reported him.

As previously noted by The Daily Wire, “Gallagher ‘was convicted of one charge: bringing discredit to the armed forces by posing for photos with the teenage captive’s dead body,’ The New York Times reported. ‘Last Friday, Mr. Trump reversed that demotion, angering Navy officials, including the commander of the SEALs, Rear Adm. Collin Green, who had little choice but to accept the reversal. Nonetheless, they continued with their plans to eject Chief Gallagher from the unit.’”

Spencer went around the back of Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper in privately talking to White House officials, proposing “that if they did not interfere with proceedings against Gallagher, then Spencer would ensure that Gallagher was able to retire as a Navy SEAL, with his Trident insignia,” The Washington Post reported.

Spencer’s actions led to Esper demanding his resignation on Sunday, which was promptly received.

The U.S. Department of Defense said in a statement: “After Secretary Esper and Chairman Milley spoke with the Commander in Chief on Friday regarding the case of Gallagher, Secretary Esper learned that Secretary Spencer had previously and privately proposed to the White House — contrary to Spencer’s public position — to restore Gallagher’s rank and allow him to retire with his Trident pin. When recently asked by Secretary Esper, Secretary Spencer confirmed that despite multiple conversations on the Gallagher matter, Secretary Esper was never informed by Secretary Spencer of his private proposal.”    . . .

Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin wrote on Twitter: “In the end Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was not fired for standing up for military justice but for dishonesty and undermining the military justice system, according to a senior US official. He was fired for ‘lack of candor.’”

Here is the back story

With the benefit of have read analysis at RedState and others (articles linked below) we fill in the blanks,  surmising in part.

1) The key things to keep in mind is that THE PRESIDENT is commander in chief of the armed forces PERIOD.

In appears that elements of the Navy brass (Obama holdovers)  were trying to make an example of Gallagher and in their zeal the prosecutors they picked violated basic fairness rights (even for the UCMJ) .

Gallagher was found innocent of the most onerous charges but guilty of  the “bringing discredit  ” charge for which they were going to throw the book at him, in part to spite Trump and his policy of changing the rules of engagement as he had promised when running for election (the Department of Defense had already altered them under Trump’s directive).

They were embarrassed by the revelations and trial result but wanted their pound of flesh and to thumb their noses at Trump while wrapping themselves in the “good order and discipline” BS they were blatantly violating themselves.

They were intent on shaming Gallagher and showing who is in charge by removing the honored SEAL designation /decoration from him and giving him the maximum penalty for the offense and or reduction in rank.

It was clearly conveyed (and no Admiral has any excuse to the contrary about clarity)  that Trump did not want any spite leveled at Gallagher by the top brass.

The Secretary of the Navy who answers directly to the Secretary of Defense who answers directly to Trump came up with a scheme to help the Admirals save face and in his mind abide by Trumps intentions for Gallagher.

It was to basically have a hearing with preordained results surrounding Gallagher’s punishment for the “bringing discredit” charge. The results were to be that he would keep his rating, his rank and be allowed to retire.  Well of course that is not how “hearings” if there is integrity to them are to be conducted.  The upside for the admirals was face-saving as in they get to hang their hats on maintaining good order and discipline in appearance although the hearing was to have a preordained result and in ignoring Trumps wishes, thumb their noses at Trump.

Navy Secretary Spencer went around Secretary of Defense Esper (his boss) directly to to White house to get this done (though he had several opportunities to propose it to Esper).  Esper found out from the White House about it and cashiered Spencer we assume with the White House’s OK.

Anyway, this guy Spencer was apparently pretty well entrenched with the establishment,  and this was seen as a way of maintaining their expectations of deference. Trump saw it differently as did it appears, Esper. It was obstinance by the Admirals, lack of candor by the Navy Secretary and they needed to be put in their place.

Enough of the P.C. B.S. About Chief Eddie Gallagher! 

Former SecNav Richard Spencer’s Resignation Letter Is a Dumpster Fire and There Is a Bigger Mess That Needs Cleaning 

Reading these commentaries you will be astounded at how egregiously Eddie Gallagher and his family were treated by the military judicial system including the NCIS.


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