Regarding the rules of engagement for the liberal media

  • Remember when the liberal media hounded John Kerry about his statements regarding his combat performance in Vietnam?
  • Neither do we  (please reference previous post)

No one I’ve seen yet has compared CPO Eddie Gallagher’s service history and combat experiences to those of Lt. John Kerry in the Vietnam War.  Strange.

In only 4 months in theater, LtCJG Kerry received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and 3 Purple Hearts (lucky enough to have not lost a day’s service because of his wounds).

Although there is controversy surrounding the event in which Kerry received the Silver Star, the action that most critics and supporters alike agree on is that Kerry’s boat was threatened by a VC armed with a shoulder-fired B-40 rocket launcher; the VC was wounded, however, before being able to fire, was then ‘chased down’ by Kerry and shot (executed? Some difference of opinion on this). Other points of disagreement include whether the VC was a “teenager”, whether his rocket launcher was unarmed, and a few other details, some significant, others not so much.

Whichever side one comes down on CPO Gallagher’s case, there are some unanswered questions. Some of the most important details, however, it seems have been released. Gallagher’s combat record is fairly well known and seems to have been honorable with the possible controversial matter still controversial.

A comparison of the Navy Seal’s record to that of Swift Boat commander Kerry, to us, however, seems almost laughable. If an exhaustive investigation into the Gallagher case was justified, the total absence of one in Kerry’s entire ‘4 months in Vietnam’ would seem to warrant one, given significant differences in accounts by the people who were there. For the critical account of Kerry’s record, “Unfit for Command” documents the case. Supporters of Kerry will go to opposing accounts in Snopes, Wikipedia, and the liberal media.

Anybody have an opinion on this topic?     dlh

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