Not over for CPO Gallagher yet?

The last paragraph of this article at Liberty Nation by James Fite is of interest

The Story Continues …
Sunday’s ouster, however, does not conclude this tale. The White House informed the Navy Sunday that they would not be interfering in the Gallagher review. It’s entirely possible that Gallagher – and three officers who oversaw him on this last deployment – could have their Trident pins revoked. Losing their pins doesn’t mean they can’t remain in the Navy, but it does mean they’re no longer SEALs. Gallagher feels the review is a direct reaction to Trump restoring his rank. “They could have taken my Trident at any time they wanted,” he said on Fox & Friends. “Now they’re trying to take it after the president restored my rank.” If he can survive this review rank intact, Gallagher plans to retire November 30.

So, the White House, if this is correct, while insuring the integrity of the review with the sacking of Spencer, is not standing in the way of a review. Read the rest of the article, but please in companion with the RedState and Townhall articles (and their links) we have referred to previously in the string of related posts.  They provide important background from fellow SF operatives including about the rules of engagement in intense circumstances, and that Gallagher’s accusers had been disciplined by him.  Chief Gallagher was SEAL of the Year 2017 the very year he was accused of atrocities – his full team and commanders thought well of him.      dlh

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