Obamallution to terrorism…send the mullahs another billion$, problem solved!

Trump responds to terrorism by Iran, Obama enabled it

This excerpt is from a commentary by John Hinderaker at PowerLine


“As…noted a little while ago, pro-Iran militia forces known as Kataeb Hezbollah have besieged the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. They are being referred to in news accounts a “protesters,” but in fact they are a trained and organized military force. The attackers breached the outer wall of the embassy compound and then milled around, set fires, etc.

“Apparently many liberals are trying to portray this attack as Trump’s Benghazi; “Benghazi” is now the most trending word on Twitter, with 231,000 tweets. There is, of course, no analogy: President Trump has not ignored calls for help, and instead has sent Marines to reinforce the embassy’s guards and Iraqi troops. So far, there have been no American casualties.”

We say:

Naturally, Tucker Carlson and his buddy, Army retired Col. Douglas MacGregor (haven’t heard yet from Tulsi Gabbord, Tucker’s other buddy), are already chipping in with their usual “no endless wars” prattle, when in fact it appears they would never retaliate against our avowed enemies regardless of the provocation, even an unprovoked attack on U.S. persons or embassy facilities.

The PowerLine blog reflects our sentiments a bit more accurately.

Iran is America’s committed enemy, seeks our country’s total destruction, and worldwide domination. They’ve been testing President Trump’s resolve and are definitely saddened over the fact that Obama is no longer in position to advance their cause. We believe Trump is doing the right thing, not emulating the Obama “red line farce”

Iranian Militia Leader Leading Iraq U.S. Embassy Raid Listed as Obama White House Guest

And there is this reminder from a 2016 Breitbart report:

“On Tuesday, the Obama administration finally admitted something its critics had long suspected: The entire $1.7 billion tribute paid to Iran was tendered in cash — not just the initial $400 million infamously shipped to the Iranians in a cargo plane — at the same moment four American hostages were released.”

Iran must pay a “heavy price”!

We wonder what thoughts Veritaspac readers might have on this subject.        dlh

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