Don’t overestimate sense or sensibilities of RINOs and RICOs*

  • Our dlh votes no-confidence in 20 Republican Senators regarding  impeachment, especially without the benefit of Durham’s findings

It has always bothered me how certain everyone appears to be that President Trump would not be convicted in the Senate impeachment trial…no way!…nor removed from office.

Aside from my long held belief that absolutely nothing in life is 100% certain…much less so in politics…I believe there is some solid evidence that the Senate Impeachment trial could easily go ‘sideways’.

In an earlier V’pac piece, I listed a number of Republican senators who cannot be counted on to support President Trump in the clutch, despite apparent conventional wisdom.

This past week, a couple of them emerged, one unsurprisingly, the other only mildly surprisingly: Susan Collins came out in favor of a “fair trial”, with witnesses…especially it should b e assumed, ones that Democrats desperately want to testify. Mike Lee (R, UT) has aspired to snatch the title of ‘most moderate, non-partisan, Constitution-expert- ever-in -history’ from the grasp of Nebraska’s Ben Sasse…whom we identified early on as not just a possible ‘anti-Trump’ vote but a rather likely one.

Alaska’s Murkowski has always been on our ‘ugly list’…and came as close as any this past week in coming out for Trump’s conviction.

At any rate, our list of likely GOP senate voters for Trump’s conviction and removal can be found in V’pac archives.

More importantly at the moment, as far as we’re concerned is not the possibility of 20 GOP senate desertions but where the Barr-Durham- Horowitz ‘investigation/report” is going.

The Trump Impeachment Senate Trial will be underway this week, and AG Barr has indicated that the DOJ’s investigation into the illegalities of the previous administration will not be available until late summer. This huge ace-in-the-hole that will expose the widespread criminality and corruption which has attempted to prevent Trump from becoming president, and then subsequently to insure his presidency is completely hamstrung and his election overturned (by impeachment), will not be a factor in the outcome of the impeachment process.

I believe that it is not an impossibility that Trump could be convicted and removed from Office. And, if so, the whole dangerous, dirty, corrupt mess that existed throughout the Obama administration and the Trump presidency (by the ‘Deep State’) will go relatively unknown (or ‘unproven’) to the American people and the people and institutions involved will go unpunished and continue to thrive and ultimately destroy our nation!           dlh

*RICO = Republican iconoclasts-for-no good-reason, a.k.a. Media Whores (explains underlying motivation).  Any resemblance of the acronym to the better known law enforcement tool and nominee’s willingness to provide succor to Democrats on anything is purely intentional.     v’pac

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