Dark education money — the primordial ooze of the swamp denizens

Surprising?  NOT!

Motto of education grant-writers

– That many of our nation’s most “prestigious” universities would participate in any scheme that was counter to the interests of American students, and the U.S. itself…

– Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, Cornell…recognize any of those “elite” institutions? These are the ‘factories’ that produce the politicians and bureaucrats who attempt to run our country and control every aspect of your life!
(And you’ve wondered how many of our ‘betters’ learned to be so arrogant!)

– This is where the ‘swamp life’ begins its existence, receives its sustenance!      dlh

At the Wall Street Journal:

Education Department Investigating Harvard, Yale Over Foreign Funding

– “Officials accuse schools across U.S. of soliciting funds from foreign governments, companies known to be hostile to the country…”
– “In addition, while the department said it has found foreign money generally flows to the U.S.’s richest universities, “such money apparently does not reduce or otherwise offset American students’ tuition costs,” the document said.

– “The arrest last month of the chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department on federal charges of lying about receiving millions of dollars in Chinese funding through the program while the U.S. shelled out more than $15 million to fund his research group catapulted the issue into the spotlight.”

Reading the article one finds some delicious excuses from academe ~~ “the complicated nature of reporting“~~  this from the the champions of big-government oversight on everything.

And the guffaw producing  ~~ “Georgetown carefully reviews all gifts to ensure they are in alignment with our values and our educational objectives and retains full authority over expenditure decisions.” ~~   With regard to their Catholic heritage, of course they have demonstrated at various times, no values, or should we say “flexible” or “interpretive” values.

As to the claim of  “full authority over expenditure decisions” what BS.  These universities design grant requests to conform to donor desires.

Who seriously believes that, for example, an international relations curriculum that does not enure to the foreign funders perceived benefit will continue to be funded?      R Mall

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