Those ‘loyal’ generals

“…if you only watch Fox News, because it’s reinforcing what you believe, you are not an informed citizen.”

So what are you, General, when you watch ‘only’ MSNBC, or ‘only’ CNN, or…?

Such profound insight into people and historic events. Where DO we get such brilliance. To think he was let go as White House Chief of Staff.

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly denounced at least a portion of Fox News’ audience for being ill-informed if that’s their only source of news.

The respected retired Marine Corps general finds himself in a war of words with a reinvigorated President Trump, who unsurprisingly isn’t content to take Kelly’s criticisms lying down.

Mediaite’s Adrian Carrasquillo reports:

“You have to be careful about what you are watching and reading because the media has taken sides,” he said. “So if you only watch Fox News, because it’s reinforcing what you believe, you are not an informed citizen.”

This should read , “the once respected retired Marine Corps general…”

When he was named President Trump’s Chief of Staff, General Kelly brought all of his considerable political baggage with him. And, he obviously read all of his ‘press coverage’ which tended to tout him as Trump’s boss!

In our opinion, and from having gotten news and information from a wide variety of media sources, some, of course, including Fox News, Chief of Staff Kelly was anything but a loyal employee… much like another of the generals the president mistakenly thought was capable of honorable service, H.R. McMaster.

McMaster, according to one ABC report, …”urged continuation of the Iran nuclear deal” ; opposed the label “radical Islamic terrorism” and forcefully protested the racially charged violence in Charlottesville.

He also purged the NSC of ‘conservative’ members. That’s all fine, to have personal views on controversial issues, but like many others who somehow got into Trump’s inner circle, he did not confine his airing of those views only to the president.        dlh

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