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Lou Dobbs is correct in his criticism (referenced below) of William Barr. Many conservatives applauded the selection of Barr to lead the DOJ after the corrupt and inept and lawless leadership of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Barr was seen as the incorruptible, super-competent guy who has the courage and background to come in and clean up the gross politicization and corruption that the Justice Dept. and the FBI had suffered over the entire length of the Obama terms in office.

People would be held accountable for their criminal and unconstitutional behavior, Trump would be fully vindicated, the confidence of the American people in their federal law enforcement apparatus would be restored.

So, a year later, besides a bit of ‘tough talk’, what has Barr accomplished? Almost nothing.

And the formidable John Durham, the ‘greatest prosecutor of all time’, what has he been doing? He’s starting to make John Huber look downright “Elliott Ness-like”.

It’s been, what?, over a year ago that Trump authorized Barr to publicly release the documents and other information that would reveal to the American people the full story of how the DOJ/FBI tried to overturn the presidential election of 2016! The information which would result in guilty parties to be held accountable. Where is it?

Our question…does Bill Barr have a calendar. Does he know there is a presidential election in little more than 8 months? Does he realize his failure to get the job done for which he was selected could result in a successful civilian coup and the end of the American Republic?

I hope not, but so far, Barr has not lived up to the great expectations that the American people had for him.       dlh

At RedState with Stu Cvrk commenting:

There has been much ado about something this week, as the Democrat-media complex and over 2,000 Democrat hack former DoJ prosecutors have demanded the resignation of AG Barr for “politicizing the Dept of Justice.” That’s rich, because DoJ was politicized by Democrats loooong before Bill Barr assumed duties as US Attorney General on 14 February 2019. It wasn’t Barr’s DoJ that defrauded the FISA court in order to orchestrate an illegal counter-intelligence operation on a Republican presidential candidate and later president of the United States.

The Democrats seek to thwart, disrupt, and/or bury the criminal investigations into Obama-era DoJ, FBI, and intelligence community activities. But do they really have anything about which to worry? Lou Dobbs conducted an “annual review” of AG Barr’s accomplishments over the past year on his program Thursday night and found them to be wanting. Here is what he had to say:

Dobbs: The matter at hand is none other than the man who we faithful few we once believed would be a large indispensable force for good in saving the Republic – William Barr. Barr has been AG for a year now. And we have little in the way of material accomplishments for which Barr would be applauded. In fact, his recent conduct and statements border on the senseless.

Barr has treated us to the spectacle of the number one law enforcement officer in the land – a man at the center of solving and resolving the greatest political scandal in our country’s history – whining and whining publicly about what is apparently the greatest challenge he believes he faces in the storm that rages in the nation’s capital. That is, not the venal shape shifters of Congress, or most prominently the poisonous chimera Speaker Pelosi nor her nasty apprentice Adam Schiff. Nor is it the helminths [parasitic worms] who reside throughout our permanent bureaucracy, the Deep State within.

No, the great affront to Barr at this moment seems to be none other than his own boss, the President. Not the treacherous radical Dems, not the RINOs who are as subversive of our President as they are supportive (and you never know which way they will be), not the leftwing national media who are servile accomplices of any swamp creature of either party, of any ideology or interest so long as they seek to undercut or cut asunder President Trump. Get a grip, Barr! Look clearly!

Barr’s complaint against the President amounts to this. The Attorney General took to old media, that is ABC News, to whine that his boss was making his job tougher because his boss habitually takes to the new media – that is Twitter – to talk directly to the American people, and yes, to give his opinion as well.

The Attorney General is wrong on several counts, including taking on his boss in public. And then the stories that he’s thinking about quitting unless the President quits tweeting. That’s just a dumb ultimatum. Dumb because it’s classless, and it won’t work. Ultimatums rarely do. And the President has the constitutional duty and authority to run the Justice Dept. It’s time for the Attorney General to deliver on his mission – clean up the rancid, politically-corrupt Justice Dept and the FBI. They’re both crooked at the top, and the American people won’t stand for more political corruption.

And yes, Mr. Attorney General, you’d better be fighting for this President because he is the only one in Washington who’s been certified to be absolutely clean, without crime or corruption by the DoJ and the Senate. Get back to work. Too many of us have put our faith in you and John Durham for you to flag or fold. Go after the damn bad guys, and stand up for the President who is the only one who deserves your loyalty along with of course every one of our fellow citizens.

End of Dobbs’ commentary. Now one could argue that Barr has done a FEW things, including (finally) announcing that federal law enforcement will go into sanctuary cities to apprehend illegal aliens, as well as farming out the reviews of politically-sensitive cases to federal prosecutors outside of Washington DC. But in the main, Dobbs’ chastisement of AG Barr is correct. Not a single Spygate perpetrator has been indicted, and indeed DoJ declined to prosecute two of the key players for admitted lying and leaking of classified information to the media. And going public in the legacy media to complain about the President’s tweeting – as opposed to simply picking up the phone and complaining directly – was indeed classless.

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