Russkies Fixed the Nevada Democrat Debate

Ms. Peggy ‘loved’ the Democrat debate last week!

“It was hands down, the best presidential primary debate…maybe in decades!”

Now, Me? I thought the debate was the complete product of those wily “Russ-kies”:

They have always had it in for Democrats, especially that little ‘peregruzka‘ Hillary.  And remember when they induced Hillary’s speech-writer to coach a little mimicry into her delivery  (we are sure Ms  Peggy loved this speech as well):

Wow, does that Putin know how to put on an American election…and get his ‘good buddy’, Donald Trump, re-elected…or what?!

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As ‘everyone knows’, Putin and the Russians are busily interfering in the U.S. presidential election again…and,. again, they are working like soviet beavers to ‘force’ the American people to vote for ‘Putin’s guy”, Donald J. Trump !

The debate this past Wednesday must have been Putin’s best effort so far. It was a classic Russkie mind control experiment.

Think of it, and wonder how they made it looks so easy to get some 65-70 million patriotic Americans to see the Democratic party’s entire lineup of candidates for the party’s nomination look so disagreeable, intellectually as well equipped as a bag of nails, personally unpleasant, inexplicably arrogant, shockingly smug, and many of them more suited for ‘high office’ in an assisted living facility.

For good measure, in an effort to confuse things, Putin and his comrades made the party’s own most dedicated disciples think that half their lineup was just in the race to fill out their ‘bucket list’ in the time left to them. One guy, who usually looks like “Back to the Future’s” Christopher Lloyd, is depicted as striving to take the country back to another time  when communism flourished in Hollywood!

Of all the appealing females the Party could have called upon to represent their gender in the 2020 race, the Russkies had the Dems showcase one of the most unlikeable frauds to ever appear in a campaign ad trying to look like ‘just a regular ol’ beer drinker’ (“Ah think  ah’ll have me a beer”)!

Finally, those shifty soviets even went so far as to successfully plant a story  in a Wall Street Journal column by a writer nearly as duplicitous as themselves…Ms. Peggy!  

Congressperson Schiff, call your office, the Democrats have just provided all the evidence you need to prove that Putin is working for Trump!   dlh


“To me, Elizabeth Warren won the night. She was good, hot and sharp right out of the box. ” Peggy Noonan, 2/22/20 

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