“Immoral”-“stupid”-“senile” and those are fellow Dems about Ol’ Joe

Our support of Ol’ Joe is sincere

  • We think he accurately reflects all elements of the Democrat Party
  • Immoral – stupid – senile
  • Poor Dems (see below)

At Breibart by John Nolte (excerpts)

Young Turks founder and co-host Cenk Uygur fears the ongoing media cover-up of Joe Biden’s mental decline will ensure Donald Trump’s reelection.

Here are some of the highlights:

I know the progressive base and I know the establishment, and I know we’re going to go to war, and a war like you’ve never seen because progressives online are not going to go quietly… They’re not going to be like, “Oh, Joe Biden’s senile, we’ll let it go.”

Joe Biden did not get arrested with Nelson Mandela. Who makes up a lie like that? An incredibly stupid person makes up a lie like that; an incredibly immoral person makes up a lie like that.

Biden is not going to beat Trump. Biden is either near senile or actually senile. Watch any of the tapes. Biden lies non-stop. He’s going to get caught. Okay, the media is covering for him, but they’re not going to be able to cover when the Republicans come for him and when Trump comes for him. He’s not going to beat Trump. The establishment candidate is less likely to beat Trump anyway. We just had 2016, the establishment candidate lost to a doofus like Trump.

And now, here we go, an establishment candidate that is far worse, with his mental faculties under question… And you’re going to run that guy against Trump?

. . .

Biden has always been one to put his foot in his mouth. Nevertheless, there is no question he is not the man he was during his vice presidential days. He’s physically frail, mentally frail, and there has even been a notable decline over the course of the Democrat primary.

Running for president is exhausting, and I suspect Trump intends to do what he did to Hillary Clinton, which is to work his 2020 opponent — be it 77-year-old Biden, or 78-year-old Bernie — into the ground.

The media can try to cover up Biden’s cognitive decline, or try to spin it as something charming about good ol’ Uncle Joe, but the media world is an entirely different place now. It’s no longer 2008, where the media can cover up Barack Obama’s troubling racial past, or 2012 where they can cover up a Benghazi. The media bent over backwards in threes to cover up Hillary Clinton’s 2016 health issues — and that cover up failed.

What’s more, nothing changes the fact that when Biden is up on that stage, be it at a debate or rally, it’s just him and him alone, and as we have seen over the past few months, this almost always results in disaster.

Keep the following in mind…

One of the reasons Biden sailed through Super Tuesday was the lack of media focus on him the weeks prior. He’d been written off for dead, no one was paying much attention, so the troubling pileup of brain freezes he suffered during those crucial days — including the fantasy about being arrested — got almost no attention.

That all changes now.

And if he wins the primary, the spotlight will intensify even more, as will Trump’s fearlessness when it comes to capitalizing on Biden’s decline.

And if the fake news media don’t want to cover it — New Media and social media will be happy to step in.

Poor Dems:

They really are between a rock and a hard place this election what with Trump’s success.  A brokered convention producing someone other than Biden or Bernie will not do, won’t help. Who would it be that could win (other than by Republican incompetence)?  This is not like days of old when the poobahs could gather in a smoke-filled room and announce the candidate with the minions kept in the dark with few vested in a candidate. Today in such a scenario the party is easily painted as corrupt. The VP pick will not help, has never been able to overcome serious weakness in the nominee.

The emerging nominee, Biden, Bernie or brokered will have adopted the most leftist of views because that is where and what the party structure is. There is no likely saving issue for them as all have already been dialed in or are of a turnable table nature.

This is now all about stopping Bernie from embarrassing the party as a whole with the truth as to where the party is and is headed. It is about avoiding direct repudiation of goals held dear. Better to swallow hard than to choke to death.  Better to concentrate elsewhere, save the House, strategic retreat to a harassment campaign,  pursue-protect-expand state holdings. Friends in the media will do their best to soften the presidential embarrassment this go around.  Prepare for 2024!

And so for Democrats “the chickens have come home to roost”

They cain’t hep it. They been saddled with a candidate with a silver foot in his mouth . . .

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