Ms Peggy ~~ Read my Lips…Vote for Joe Biden

  • Its OK, she and the rest of the Never- Trumpers are our betters

“Read my Lips…”

Make that her particular ilk, not generation

The Speechwriter who coined that ill-fated phrase for G H W Bush has coined another:

“We are not socialists, we’re Democrats.”

Good old Peggy Noonan, the aging superstar columnist (in her own mind), who was the “mastermind” (also only in her mind) behind Ronald Reagan’s immensely successful presidency, has resented every GOP president since the “first” Bush because none ever recognized her genius and thus did not bring her into their administration, to give it the appropriate ‘gravitas’, again plays to her curious band of ‘fans’.

Peggy has always, in our opinion, been a huge fraud. She portrays herself as a ‘conservative Republican’, thus amassing a readership of ‘uninformed easy marks’ who believe that she is, and “never Trumpers”, who know what she is and want to go along with, and promote, her con.

Her columns in recent years, however, have become less and less devoted to continuing the pose. She seldom, if ever, had a kind word for G W Bush since he obviously failed to recognize her genius. With Trump, she apparently decided she could safely drop the con altogether.

From the beginning Peggy has been 100% ABT (Anybody But Trump). We’ve called attention to that fact often in the past.

Her column today in the Wall Street Journal, however, is classic in advancing the “Noonan Narrative”.

Jim Clyburn Saves the Democrats 

It is a ‘heartwarming’ tribute to the “goodness of Joe Biden”…and a tacky hymn of praise to Jim Clyburn.

A subhead in Ms. Peggy’s column says it all:

“He (Clyburn) didn’t just endorse Biden when his campaign was in trouble. He showed him how to revive it.”



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  1. bls46 says:

    Noonan wants to still be invited to the cocktail parties in DC. Her columns are mawkish and disingenuous ~

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