COVID19 “Pandemic or Dempanic?”

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The most common ways the coronavirus is transmitted 

Remember when all this started about how the coronavirus could live on non-porous surfaces for a week or more?  According to this article via Huiffington Post the latest analysis says suggests three days at the outside.  So how is it transmitted primarily?  According tio the article – airborn droplets (sneeze/cough then inhaled by someone but that is dramatically reduced by distance of 6 feet. That droplet deposited on porous surface and picked up on hands and then rubbing eyes and nose is a primary transmitting mechanism. By our reading it seems similar to every other virus.

But you knew this about Democrats

Pelosi Stimulus Bill Loaded With Items Not Related to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Is Sending Lots Of Younger People To The Hospital 

Now if you read the article you find that the headline is sensational (typical of Buzzfeed) — the rates for hospitalization of younger folks is still rare.

Good News: Man Dying from Wuhan Coronavirus Was Given Hydroxychloroquine and Survived 

Important stop-gap until vaccine developed and distributed

Hypocritical Media Downplays Wuhan Virus For Weeks, Then Critiques Fox News For Shifting ‘Rhetoric’

Many other examples of how the dominant liberal media downplayed the virus  (we think because of the association with China and political correctness)

This Crisis Vindicates Trump’s America with Borders

Coronavirus and its awful toll may be ending a second American holiday from history, one in which we entertained boutique notions like a world without borders and all the existential risks that come with it.

Lots of elements of martial law to the responses of Democrat led states in particular.

The Latest Victim of COVID-19 Is the Second Amendment

Civil Liberties Are Being Trampled During Coronavirus Panic

Yes, Virginia’s Governor Has Made It a Crime for More Than 10 People to Attend a Church Service

Mayor Garcetti announces water and power will be shut off for nonessential L.A. businesses that don’t close

DHS to Hand Out More H-1B Visas in Response to Coronavirus Shutdown

Not a good idea certainly not a good optic when companies are laying off people

Evil when they are not stupid and two-faced

Democrats Blackmail a Nation in Crisis 

After Impeaching Trump Over Ukraine, Nancy Pelosi Demands Quid Pro Quo Before Releasing Aid To Americans

Sisolak restricts use of malaria drugs for coronavirus patients   (Ed Note: the order was to limit them to a hospital setting, which is still nutty)

Inaccurate Virus Models Are Panicking Officials Into Ill-Advised Lockdowns
How a handful of Democratic activists created alarming, but bogus data sets to scare local and state officials into making rash, economy-killing mandates.

SNAFU — when it comes to US bureaucracies and territory rules and Congress

The Red Tape Pandemic   Trump is waving many of the rules

Watch for Waste in Stimulus Spending     As night follows day

The Media’s Disinformation Campaign About Trump and the ‘Chinese Virus’   

Inaccurate Virus Models Are Panicking Officials Into Ill-Advised Lockdowns
How a handful of Democratic activists created alarming, but bogus data sets to scare local and state officials into making rash, economy-killing mandates.

Not endorsing at this stage but should be well considered:

How Medical ‘Chickenpox Parties’ Could Turn The Tide Of The Wuhan Virus 

It is time to think outside the box and seriously consider a somewhat unconventional approach to COVID-19: controlled voluntary infection.

The Imperial College has modeled the effect of imposing four interventions — social distancing of the entire population, case isolation, household quarantine, and school and university closure — then relaxing them periodically to allow daily life and economic activity to partially recover. They found, “Once interventions are relaxed … infections begin to rise, resulting in a predicted peak epidemic later in the year. The more successful a strategy is at temporary suppression, the larger the later epidemic is predicted to be in the absence of vaccination, due to lesser build-up of herd immunity.”

In other words, a mitigation strategy based on shutting down the economy is like asking society to hold its breath to keep from inhaling a toxin. It can’t keep up forever, and when it does breathe, all that gasping for air is going to undo much of the benefit we’d hoped to derive.

How South Korea flattened the curve  

The Wuhan Virus Is Serious, But Shutting Down Isn’t The Long-Term Answer
What to do about the U.S. economy in the wake of the Wuhan virus? The answer requires a mix of both short-term suppression and then long-term mitigation.

We learn nothing from previous panics although in fairness each is different with different culpabilities

Why Economic ‘Stimulus’ Only Makes The Economy Worse  
While it remains a favorite policy prescription for politicians eager to appear as salvific heroes in times of need, it is untenable as a serious idea to stimulate anything except our national debt.

The Fed can only buy us a little time 

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