Another Corona(virus) Day

Notice the constant breathless updates from dominant liberal legacy media about “ONE NEW CASE OF COVID19 IN (insert name of city or county)” or  “ONE NEW CASE OF COVID19 HOSPITALIZATION IN (insert name of city or county)”  or   “ONE NEW DEATH REPORTED DUE TO COVID 19 IN (insert state or country)”

In context these are reports where there was a positive test for the COVID19 virus but in the case of hospitalization or deaths the medical vulnerability of the patient is not part of the headline and may be submerged in the reporting.

Now ask yourself where are the breathless reports today of diagnosis, hospitalizations and deaths due to one of the more common flu’s that have been floating around for say ~~ since epidemiology came into being?  There have been more associated deaths this season with those, indeed probably including complications from  cold viruses that go unsensationalized.  COVID19, as to danger, is just another flu virus.  They all are to the vulnerable.

That said . . .

Would we see such headline stuff if (name politician, or Hollywood star or other celebrity) if the incident was “X came down with the flu today.” Would there be a shutdown of such and such (name business) if one or two of their employees out of a hundred “came down with ‘the flu’ or a ‘bad cold’ today”    COVID 19 is not greatly more dangerous or transmitted significantly more easily such that the same precautions would not be in order for other flu or cold virus.  All are of significant danger to the medically vulnerable, but we do not shut down the country.

Ann Coulter has an insightful article today, short of her usual level of shrillness.

How Do We Flatten the Curve on Panic?

Don’t give this guy any credit.  He is trying to have it both ways as a political gambit in a state where Trump is popular,  the tertium quid ruse.   His vote meant nothing as far as effecting anything. He is thoroughly a Democrat and responsible as such unless he removes himself from that party.

Dem Senator: I’m Embarrassed By My Party’s Selfish Partisanship 

Yep, we have been trying to pass this on:

Dr. Birx Warns About Frightening and Misleading Coronavirus Projection 

We knew this little cease fire could not last, and Trump betters him:


Not to put too fine a point on it, but when a Democrat was in the White House, Andrew Cuomo had a rather laissez faire attitude towards supplies of medical equipment and a decidedly die-and-go-to-hell opinion of people in need of said equipment.

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