Don’t hold your breath for justice befalling this crowd

But then dlh here at  V’PAc has been lamenting this likelihood for, oh pretty much ever.

Kurt Schlichter writing at Townhall

Forget About Seeing Any Justice For Obamagate    (excerpt)

. . .   You need to prepare yourself. No one of any significance is going to jail for any of this. Ever.

What Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit did with classified info would have put you and me in striped PJs for a decade. She walked. So did her whole clique.

Andrew McCabe lied again and again and … nope, they won’t charge him.

Looming Doofus Comey will walk. Every Democrat donor in the Mueller gang will walk. Samantha Power will walk. And Obama? Sheesh, chatty perpetual Hannity guest and occasional senator Lindsey Graham may get around to holding his long-promised Obamagate hearings on about the 5th of Never. Big Talkin’ LG won’t even dare to call BHO to testify and you think the Grand Marshal of the Supreme Court is gonna be frog-marching The One out of his new beach mansion to prison? Come on.

I’d love to be wrong. Maybe I am. Maybe the unbroken track record of injustice we’ve seen over the last decade will suddenly break. And maybe my pet unicorn Chet will be the foreman of the jury when one of these slugs somehow gets called to account.

“Then I guess we should just give up and resign ourselves to tyranny?” Oh no. Oh, not at all. My short-term assessment is grave, but my long-term assessment is bright. Tyranny tends to fail over time. Remember, the establishment’s embrace of tactical tyranny is an admission of weakness. When they weren’t threatened they could afford to hide their true nature. All this is their last-ditch effort to resist the popular uprising against their inept rule.

Keep your eye on the prize. The prize is not seeing these scumbags behind bars,

Well yeh, that would make a lot of people happy, its not about vengeance, it is about a reckoning and validating the Constitution

though that would satisfy our righteous yearning for justice. The prize is the power to not merely defend our rights and prosperity but to enhance them.

So we keep pushing.    . . .

Then as if to confirm some of Schlichter’s commentary, Katie Pavlich:

Barr Pours Cold Water on Criminal Charges for Obama and Biden, But Leaves Room for Others  


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