What the heck’s the deal at NewsMax??

  • Insight, answers, clarifications welcome as to whether this is par for the course there
  • A short colloquy between yours truelies

R Mall writes:

I did not figure Newsmax to spin this way

Trump Revives Clinton Playbook to Battle Biden


Boy do they leave a lot out that precipitated what they snidely report about Trump

dlh responds:

This is all over Google; every news and opinion blog seems to be carrying it. But notice below…the ‘story’ is apparently written by “Jonathon Lemire and Bill Barrow” of ASSOCIATED PRESS!

Still doesn’t quite answer for me, ‘what’s going on with this?’ I don’t understand why Newsmax runs this w/o explanation that it comes from AP.      dlh

May. 18, 2020 7:22 AM EDT
2016 Repeat? Trump Revives Clinton Playbook To Battle Biden
Associated Press

Anybody know what the deal is??

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