Not rioting for justice – rioting for the loot

  • No justice under Democrat Mayor of  Minneapolis

We do not know the appropriateness of the allegations of egregiousness by a Minneapolis policeman’s physical handling of a criminal suspect.  This report at RedState provides the latest official information. Based on it we agree with the author that the extent of the charges against the officer “third degree murder” could be shot full of holes.  We would add that the information in the article relative to the restraint used does not indicate the actual amount of pressure used, but does indicate that the extent was not consistent with “a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation”. * In other words the placement of the knee might be without significant pressure and therefore not causal of the death.

What we do know is that there is no justification for the sort of rioting in a cause supposedly insisting on justice and rule of law.  For crying out loud the officer has been arrested and charged with Third Degree murder and other charges.  Other officers were summarily fired and may face charges.  They all deserve their day in court but we suspect a change of venue will be needed. The riot response is atrocious and is clear evidence that the participants are not interested in the rule of law.  Here are some memes and captioned photos on that aspect, courtesy HP Facebook pages.  See also our earlier post by  dlh.

*A second family ordered autopsy has also been performed and reports say it indicates asphyxiation but also confirms drug presence.

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