NYPD make their move after due warning to avoid being injured or killed

  • Perhaps the officers should have waited for the Molotov cocktails

I guess I watched a video of a different incident than the ‘objective journalists’ at the Daily Mail:

Two NYPD patrol cars RAM into a group of George Floyd protesters in Brooklyn after crowd surrounded them and started throwing plastic bottles and trash  

    • Several videos show two NYPD squad cars ramming into multiple protesters
    • The demonstrators were standing directly in front of the vehicles at the time
    • People can at first be seen throwing bottles and plastic cones at one of the cars
    • A second squad car arrives on scene and it runs into several people who struggle to get out of the way
    • The first cruiser then rams into a barricade that people are standing against



I Saw One, Then A Second, Police Patrol Car surrounded and attacked by a mob throwing cans, bottles, and other potentially harmful projectiles at the occupants.

Then I saw the patrol cars INCHING forward to get out of the situation. As the cars INCHED forward, “protesters” threw themselves in front of the vehicles…some fell as the cars INCHED forward. Sirens and  lights blaring to get out of the way, a barricade was brought up by the thugs to keep the officers from getting away. Some “protesters” tried to crawl on the cars’ hoods.  That is an attack and the squad pushed the fence like a defensive line would do or a phalanx of officers. They were shoved out of the way as per riot control and self protection.  No one was run over. This was not any higher speed than officers thrusting on foot with their riot shields.

It seemed almost miraculous that none of of those idiots were injured. Had they been, the media and the various anarchist and nasty little ‘people’s’ groups would have hailed them as ‘courageous fighters for racial justice and potential martyrs’!!

I would have labeled them ignorant, smug,nasty little creeps who got what they so desperately asked for!     dlh

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