Target USA: Using the Wuhan virus to kill freedom

  • A useful tool, a manufactured crisis, an aggravated condition, a pretext that Democrats are exploiting to the max
  • Too many Republican leaders have been giving Democrats the tools to further their agenda
  • The Republic really is at stake

We know that Democrat leadership eats and drinks, plots and plans a radical, anti-Western culture, anti-republican agenda.  Too many Republican politicians have been feckless, weak, easily intimidated, bamboozled into if not outright granting, then compromising and allowing the ratcheting up of precedents for government control.  They often help Democrats strand the rope that will eventually be used to hang freedom loving people.

This analysis written by “sundance” first appeared at The Conservative Treehouse  a month ago. The editors at ZeroHedge re-posted it soon thereafter and from there it just came to our attention via DK this evening.  We find it compelling and believe every point is not only defensible, we can help embellish them with our own observations. We intend to do so in coming posts. You do not have to believe in grand conspiracies to recognize opportunism at work when your see it.

In order to support the most important political objectives of the DNC writ large in the 2020 election, COVID-19 hype is essential:

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily achieve ‘mail-in’ voting; which they desperately need in key battleground states in order to control the outcome.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot shut down rallies and political campaigning efforts of President Trump; which they desperate need to do in key battleground states.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot block the campaign contrast between an energetic President Trump and a physically tenuous, mentally compromised, challenger.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have an excuse for cancelling the DNC convention in Milwaukee; thereby blocking Team Bernie Sanders from visible opposition while protecting candidate gibberish from himself.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have a mechanism to keep voters isolated from each-other; limiting communication and national debate adverse to their interests. COVID-19 panic pushes the national conversation into the digital space where Big Tech controls every element of the conversation.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot keep their Blue state economies easily shut-down and continue to block U.S. economic growth. All thriving economies are against the political interests of Democrats.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily keep club candidate Joe Biden sealed in the basement; where the electorate is not exposed to visible signs of his dementia.

♦Without COVID-19 panic it becomes more difficult for Big Tech to censor voices that would outline the fraud and scheme. With COVID-19 panic they have a better method and an excuse.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot advance, influence, or organize their preferred presidential debate format, a ‘virtual presidential debate’ series.

[Comrade Gretchen Whitmer knows this plan, hence she cancelled the Michigan venue]

All of these, and more, strategic outcomes are based on the manufactured weaponization of the COVID-19 virus to achieve a larger political objective. There is ZERO benefit to anyone other than Democrats for the overwhelming hype surrounding COVID-19.

It is not coincidental that all corporate media are all-in to facilitate the demanded fear that Democrats need in order to achieve their objectives. Thus there is an alignment of all big government institutions and multinationals to support the same.

Nothing is coincidental. Everything is political.

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