The Dem VP, — who knows, but in a week we are supposed to

The Solution to Biden’s VP Problem: Michelle Obama  

This article lends credence to our illustrious senior editor’s bet, all of a dollar, that Moochelle will be the Dem’s Presidential nominee.  If they pick her as VP I will award the dollar because in effect that is what she would be elected to as Biden would be of no consequence were the team to be elected.  In a Moochelles pick, her handlers, Barack et al and her, would be the new old administration, populated to some extent as well by who-all else Biden is obligated to at this point.

But will she take it?  Perhaps pressure is building sufficient enough and I guess she never ruled VP out technically, only the presidential nomination.  And we all know what Obama promises are worth.  I still doubt it because she does not want to be part of a losing ticket. Certainly not to Trump and there is that the country is in dire straights, that the Obamas know they are incompetent to resolve and keep their Hampton buds happy.

This Willie Brown  – advisory to Kamala Harris may be interpreted to fit the Moochelle scenario, but I suspect other facets to the matter are also possible.  Perhaps more on that later this week.

Willie Brown Urges Kamala Harris To Turn Down Veep Offer 

R Mall

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  1. dlh says:

    I’ll bet this is the first time in Kamala Harris’s adult life that she’s been proud of her country…Jamaica?

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