Which basement will Kamala Harris campaign from?

Will Harris be quarantined in various Democrat run states?

So the woman who basically called Biden a racist and believed his sexual assault accusers, is now in bed with him.  What a piece of work she is.

The big national pandemic question is, is it not incumbent on Kamala Harris  to demonstrate she is as responsible as the top of the Democrat ticket and sequester, “self-isolate”, shelter in place, lockdown, travel with family only, social distance, essentially never show her face in public without a mask, ride a bicycle, in order to encourage compliance with Democrat  “public health authority” recommendations?

Reading conservative commentaries about Harris:

The Biden/Harris Ticket: The Day One Questions Answered

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Assemble an Apology Parade for Palin

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 No, Kamala Harris Isn’t A ‘Moderate’ — She’s A Radical Threat To America 

The media are spinning Kamala Harris as a ‘centrist’ and a ‘moderate.’ In reality, she’s a leftist who could be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

Kamala Harris’s Anti-Catholic Assault Previews What Would Happen In Her Administration

The Problem With Kamala Harris
This came to a head with her believing Joe Biden’s accusers. Therein lies a funny side of this that the media will mostly ignore. Harris said she believed Biden’s accusers. Now she does not. Harris is a progressive opportunist. She will take any stridently progressive position to get herself power and abandon those positions if necessary to keep acquiring power.

BREAKING: Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate

BREAKING: Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate

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1 Response to Which basement will Kamala Harris campaign from?

  1. dlh says:

    “Slow and Sleepy”/”Repulsive and Radical”: the 2020 Democratic ticket!
    Excellent choice, Joe! Joe…Joe…wake up, you chose Kamala! Who?
    Sara Lee ads a few years ago had the tagline, “Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee”; Kamala Harris should have a tagline: “Nobody Doesn’t Dislike Kammy”
    If anybody watched the Kavanaugh hearings they saw Harris at her most obnoxious and snarly; maybe the most suitable campaign button for the Dems in’20 is : “Sleepy and Snotty in 2020”

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