Lee Enterprise’s most recent yellow journalism: excreting AP excretions of NYT bile about Trump taxes

They, along with the New York Times (NYT) YT are hypocrites about Trump taxes . . .

Sensationalizing legal minimization of  taxes, as if they don’t engage in it

In truth there is no there there, no scandal, Trump has always maintained he tries to minimize tax burdens (he does it for us as well)

Check out Lee Enterprise owned Quad City Times and Argus Dispatch, the local newspaper monopoly, above the fold lead news stories on Monday.

Then check out the Lee Enterprise financial statement summary for the last four years set forth below.  Their effective tax rate for those years has been – 0 – zero –  zip –  zilch, not even $750. Read top to bottom, the line circled in yellow in the last panel is colored in deference to their journalism.

Other related links follow.

Further, they have no federal tax liability provision on their balance sheet. And as long as we are on the general subject we wonder what juicy stuff could be uncovered by looking at their expense detail . . . corporate travel, perks, you know, the drill they engage in with Trump.

Trump’s Taxes: Everything Old Is New Again

NYT Drives a Stake Thru the Heart of Its Own Claim of What Trump Paid in Taxes, Lets Other Disturbing Info Slip Out 

NY Times Story on Trump’s Tax Records Actually Proves Trump Was Telling the Truth, Blows Apart Dem Conspiracies

Oh, and remember when the NYT played the tax card back in ’16 —

The New York Times Doesn’t Pay Federal Taxes, Either

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