Let me explain

JOHN SOLOMON. SARA CARTER, SEAN HANNITY, NUMEROUS CONSERVATIVE PUNDITS AND BLOGGERS HAVE HAD US ON THE EDGE OF OUR SEATS FOR MONTHS, YEARS ACTUALLY! Prominent, honorable people in Congress, JIM JORDAN, DEVIN NUNES, JOHN RATCLIFFE, widely respected people in the Executive branch, RICHARD GRENELL, for one, the current Attorney General himself…all these prominent figures, known for their expertise, honesty, and integrity, have assured the American people for months, for years even, that the previous Administration was guilty of some of the most serious criminal acts that can be committed against this country…acts of political persecution, corruption, and intimidation… treason of the highest order!

And, they have further assured the American people that the evidence was overwhelming, indisputable, and, at hand. They assured us that justice would be served! The guilty parties, whatever their station, their reputation, their denials and defenses, would be held accountable to the fullest extent, so that this assault on a great freedom-loving nation, founded on the rule of law and justice for all, would never happen again!

Attorney General William Barr, another in the long line of ‘people above reproach’, ‘unassailably honest’, ‘experienced’, ‘courageous’, ‘tough, and ‘wickedly smart’ assured us that the indications of wrong doing by the Obama administration, the national security, and federal law enforcement agencies were overwhelming and that perhaps the greatest investigator in all of Washington, John Durham, would, without a doubt, obtain evidence so strong that no court could find other than guilt on the part of the parties responsible.

President Donald Trump, subjected to the most unfair, illegal, dishonest assault in US history on any presidency would be vindicated!

Yet, here we are.

That Attorney General…the “unassailably honest, competent, smart, experienced, courageous, above reproach”, William Barr, has determined, after a year and a half of ‘intense’, ‘competent’ investigation by the wonderful John Durham…that whatever validity in the overwhelming evidence Mr. Durham has found…whatever indisputable proof that certain persons in the previous administration are guilty of high crimes and assault on the nation’s greatest institutions… he’s not going to reveal it until after the election of a president, one third of the Senate, 100% of the House of Representatives.

And, if that election is won by the political party of the people the alleged evidence shows was responsible for the criminal, treasonous actions reported, all the proof will be ‘washed away’.

Mr. Barr, named to his post for the purpose of determining if there was an illegal effort by the Obama administration to practice the most vile political corruption, to overturn a valid election, undermine a presidency, and destroy the confidence of the American people in its greatest institutions, fears being perceived as “being politically motivated”!

Or…maybe there isn’t any evidence.



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