Fine, the election is all about Trump, objective patriots will support him

Voting is well underway across the country. We do not believe in voting so early for reasons of general good government practice and integrity of the vote. But many are so anxious about this election that they cannot wait to cast their vote. It is abundantly probable that it is the presidential race driving them. Of course with our proclivities unless they are voting straight Republican we suspect most are shortchanging study of other races on the ballot.

And then there are so-called non-partisan contests or issues on the ballot that are so drowned out that fall-back votes of not voting the matter, opposing all or supporting all  are ill-considered. That said, when there is a dearth of information available, or accessible, voting against the system can be reasonable especially when it comes to many judge retention votes, especially if the fail-safe presence of  conservatives doing the replacing is available. It is our position that judges who do not champion a judicial philosophy publicly can have no complaint if they are turned out after a public election.

Reasons to vote for Trump/Pence against Biden/Harris are copious and serious.  Attempting to list even most of them could make this the longest post we have ever produced, but we will spare you. Our betters have conveniently been more succinct with many good reasons.  Nevertheless our admonition this election can be summed as Vote for Trump/Pence and a supportive team so that you and your progeny might have life and have it abundantly. We actually like Donald Trump, not every quirk, formulation or utterance (we are tired of such disclaimers about anyone, as all of us are imperfect) but what has been actually revealed about what is in his heart is impressive.

Stilton Jarlsberg provides an excellent instructive summation in his commentary today

A genuinely dear friend posted on Facebook yesterday that people who vote as I did are straight up fascists with “foul beliefs,” whether we admit it or not. “Most villains don’t recognize their own evil,” this well-intentioned person said – although on that sentiment we agree, for different reasons.

So let’s unpack what my vote for Trump (and a straight ticket of Republicans, assuming that I can still say “straight” without being sent to a gulag) actually meant. In no particular order, I voted:

• To keep the Supreme Court a judicial rather than legislative body.
• To keep racists from gaining even more political power.
• To keep my future votes from being disenfranchised by the addition of new Democrat “states.”
• To free Black Americans from their liberal prison plantations by increasing their access to education and opportunity.
• To stand in solidarity with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
• To clean up the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ.
• To keep socialism from devouring our economy and work ethic.
• To have legal citizenship actually mean something.
• To improve everyone’s access to quality, affordable healthcare.
• To ensure equal rights to all regardless of race, color, faith, or sexual orientation.
• To fight against “cancel culture.”
• To protect our cities from those who would burn them down without fear of legal consequence.
• To resist the control of all information and speech by giant media conglomerates.
• To support police agencies and the communities which they serve.
• To maintain a viable economy during the pandemic rather than embrace systemic failure.
• To allow political dissent and the free exchange of ideas.
• To drain the Washington swamp.
• To keep our military strong.
• To put America first.

And much, much more of course. What I didn’t vote for, knowingly or unknowingly, are any of the heinous “foul beliefs” my friend seems to imagine are in my coal-black heart.

Casting our votes this time around was a bittersweet process owing to the high stakes and uncertain outcome we’re currently facing. It’s my belief that if this election is lost, that future “stacked” elections won’t matter; the “Dems” that will forever-after beat us won’t be Democrats but demographics. And I genuinely fear that under a Biden/Harris/Sanders/Pelosi/AOC administration, people like myself won’t just be persecuted for our beliefs, but prosecuted for them.

On the plus side, I also believe that a lot of Americans are sick of the Left’s lies, anger, and divisiveness and will cast their votes in a way not predicted by fictitious polls. It happened before, and here’s hoping it happens again.

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2 Responses to Fine, the election is all about Trump, objective patriots will support him

  1. Hubert Pries says:

    I voted early because i am 72 and who the hell knows if i will wake up tomorrow or not. And i am sure many others – hell, i know for a fact – have done the same for the same reason. This election is too damn important to worry about the niceties of waiting to 11/3 to get it done. And if voting early sticks a dart into the heart of the Demonrats, i am all for it.

  2. Designated2 says:

    You voted early on your own volition, advertising and admonishments from various sources were irrelevant to you. One concern of ours, which we intend to elaborate on, and should have posted prior to this, is the “bipartisan” political zeitgeist of voting early with much of the push coming to vote by mail. We believe it plays into the hands of Democrats to the extent that it can overwhelm the system and because of the enhanced opportunity for fraud, coercion and theft. Encouraging in-person early voting at satellite locations by machine where voter ID is checked enhances security and if not done too early is not objectionable.

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