Nails the “health” protectors for fostering COVID-19 hysteria

I listen to a lot of AM and FM radio at work. It is in the background as we go about our daily assignments.  Several times a day I am treated to the latest local COVID-19 updates. The information comes from county health department reporting.  The broadcast consists of individual county case figures for a multi-county listening audience. The “Covid” figures are not clarified as to whether they are hospital admissions or just diagnosis.  We are not given new heart disease diagnosis/ admissions or any other disease statistics.

Sometimes the reports include references to number of deaths related to COVID-19 for various local counties, but never with any distinction as to age or comorbidities, nor any instructive ratios.  It is just to the effect COVID-19 is rendering health care havoc throughout the area.

It is irresponsible journalism but we suspect with a purpose — keep people scared. Understand that does not require a conspiracy by the media (although it could be) —  just irresponsible, stupid, uninquisitive manipulative dips. The health departments are another story.

This four minute video may be the best four minutes you spend today as the citizen  lambasts the local health board for Utah County Utah (includes Provo).  We believe it was from 28 September. It is unclear who the person is doing the talking.  Forwarded to us by KK, it is from a Facebook post by Haley Larsen Adams.

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