Give us that old time religion (for dystopian times)

Here is a homily by a Catholic priest regarding this momentous election. It is 27 minutes but if you are seriously pressed for time skip to the 7 minute mark or so and listen on. The video has received over 3/4 of a million views on YouTube alone. We hope our readers will pass it along (use our link if you will). Thanks to Gene for the forward.

As an aside, as it is more important as to what is said than particular mannerisms, but this parish priest impresses us with the authority, bearing, directness, clarity, manliness of the most impressive parish priests we encountered as a kid during grade school, oh so many years ago.

Thank God he is not the only Catholic priest speaking out with clarity and truth this election, but there are so few and so much of the Bishopric, the Cardinate and the Vatican are pathetic when they are not sophists or essentially Marxists. The pathetic priests stand down, not this one.  Some related links follow.

List of cardinals, bishops, priests who are warning Catholics about pro-abortion Biden-Harris ticket    

Viganò issues grave warning to bishops who are silent on abortion during 2020 US election 

‘There is no nuance’: Bishops spar over endorsement of pro-abortion Joe Biden
Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane, Wash. spoke out against Bishop Robert McElroy’s recent downplaying of the importance of abortion in a virtual meeting.

Of course there is more at stake than the issue of the right to life, and they all mitigate against Democrats.

Why Trump is the Catholic Choice for 2020

A New Catholic Moment: Donald Trump and the Politics of the Common Good

Book available at or here.

Viganò on Pope’s ‘brotherhood’ encyclical: ‘A manifesto in the service of the New World Order’

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