How utterly corrupt. How utterly pathetic

First the utterly corrupt

Media outlets led by AP and Fox News “declare” Biden/Harris victors. They are corrupt. There is no winner when votes adequate to change any purported winner remain uncounted or under serious challenge.  A succinct timely response came our way offered by Catholic Vote.  It reads:

CatholicVote President Brian Burch issued the following statement following today’s media declaration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the winners of the 2020 election:

“This election is far from over, and no American should accept the outcome until states certify their results, and all legal challenges have been resolved. The American people are entitled to the assurance that every legal vote was counted, and that irregularities did not have any impact on the election outcome.

“Premature declarations of a winner only serve to inflame the already deep divisions within our country. The media does not decide the winner of our elections. We have laws and courts for a reason. It’s important to note that multiple states are still counting ballots, with recounts likely. In addition, the courts are now reviewing several lawsuits, with more expected in the coming days. The outcome of these cases could alter the vote tallies in several states.

“We call on county officials in key contested states to immediately publish the full voter roll so that observers can resolve questions related to ballot and voter irregularities. These voter rolls are always made public months after the election, yet today remain hidden. Failure to make them available now is shielding the public from critical information to which they are entitled.”

The utterly pathetic:

The Iowa GOP has still not published at this writing any Trump related news about the clear efforts at voter fraud in various states and his campaign’s various state challenges including in the courts. This is Saturday November 7th and there have not been any posts since some time on the 5th and only to congratulate a few winners with no news about the overall picture.  Here are screen grabs from the RPI website, Facebook and Twitter from just moments ago.


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3 Responses to How utterly corrupt. How utterly pathetic

  1. glenda gruenhagen says:

    Why should a Republican even vote when the Democrats fraudulently make up votes?
    Sleepy Joe did not rally because he knew his votes were counted
    with the mass crowds that Trump had and the tiny if any crowds that PUPPET had, something is dreadfully wrong in the vote counting. CORRUPTION THIS USED TO BE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jeanita says:

    It is not over yet!

  3. dlh says:

    Many people of good will believe, as I suspect Glenda does, that the Supreme Court will ultimately rule on whether this election was Constitutionally legal and legitimate.
    I believe the Court will take the case and will rule on it…in a 5-4 decision.

    But, those of us who believe in the ‘rule of law’, justice, and the Constitution should not assume that 5-4 will serve any of that.

    Anybody seriously believe that Chief Justice Roberts will rule with the 4 “Originalists” on the Court?

    I wish I did!

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