No evidence of institutional integrity

The MSM’s (incl. Fox’s?) favorite phrase:

“Trump and allies have repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that the election is being “stolen” due to widespread voter fraud.”

WHERE HAVE ALL AMERICA’S GREAT INSTITUTIONS GONE? (“Long Time Passing”, as Peter Paul& Mary might say? More commentary below)

All the ‘progressive’ pundits, RINOs, leftist spokespersons, and “favorite Fox personalities”, like Jedediah Bila (JB) are very, very “concerned” that the Trump folks are trying to make all those good solid patriotic Americans, lose “confidence” in the ‘electoral system’, and in all those wonderful USA institutions.

I call out “Jedediah” specifically, but not because she’s anybody’s’ favorite’ . Rather, I regret, she is probably the “new face’ of FOX News Network (FNN)…and it is not a “pretty face”.

Saturday morning, Bila put on quite a show for viewers. I thought that somehow my TV had ‘flipped’ channels from Fox to CNN. There was a female ‘anchorette’ ranting ferociously about Trump and his supporters claiming there was ‘election fraud’, “without evidence”…”baseless charges”, etc, etc, and etc.. She snarled at viewers that such claims tended to make people ‘lose confidence’ in our electoral system. I noticed, then, that her two co-anchors were familiar, Pete Hegseth and Will Cain!… and I realized it wasn’t CNN. Pete and Will tried unsuccessfully for an overly-extended time to get a word in but “Jed” was not to be interrupted.

I realized then, that my TV wasn’t on the wrong channel…Jedediah was!

More importantly though, it occurred to me, that to a small extent, Ms. Bila, was correct…not because Trump and his supporters had “tended to” make me lose confidence in the electoral system, but rather because I had lost confidence on my own, as have many fellow Americans…and not just in our electoral system, but on a whole lot of heretofore traditional, respected, greatly accomplished American institutions.

They included such cherished and revered institutions as the entire Justice system, including the FBI, the Supreme Court, the military, the judiciary in general, the education system, from K-12 to the “highest” higher educational institutions! And religious values and institutions? What happened to them?

And, as far as that goes, the American values…competition, hard work, ambition, fair play…many of these are now characterized as “evidence of racism… dog whistles”!!!???##

Again, ‘Where have all our values gone?’

They’ve not gone, or receded, because Donald Trump focused attention on their fading presence in American life. Rather, it was because his efforts to restore them to their former place were thwarted by the bad behavior of those very same institutions, including that other once-revered institution, ‘the Press”. And, by the indifference of a large part of the American people .

Why did 1250 former ‘Justice Dept’ employees* write to call for investigation of Attorney General Barr***, and, our highest military officers and Defense Dept. leaders “formally protest” President Trump appearing before a church, vandalized by rioters, in order to defend religious values, as a “photo op”* ?!

Where is the Justice Dept, as real, more than ‘anecdotal’, evidence emerges regarding rampant election fraud? Or apparent wrongdoing by a former Vice President of the USA? Why are investigations of possible serious, criminal federal government interference in administrations of other duly elected presidencies removed, unresolved from public view and voter awareness?

And, why did USAID retirees sign a letter of support for State Department officials testifying in Trump impeachment inquiry?#

We don’t hear of retired FBI personnel write letters in President Trump’s defense, despite the obvious misconduct by the former Director and key agency leaders and the incompetence of the current director.

We don’t hear of retired ‘warrior generals’ and other former high ranking veterans defending Trump’s efforts to restore America’s greatness.

Maybe that explains in part ‘where America’s Great Institutions have gone’.         dlh

*More than 1,250 ex-DOJ officials call for internal investigation into Barr’s role in clearing peaceful protesters (CNN)

**Over 400 ex-DOJ employees sign letter protesting Whitaker appointment (Wash. Times)

***More than 1,900 former Justice Department employees on Monday repeated a call for William P. Barr to step down as attorney general, asserting in an open letter he had “once again assaulted the rule of law” by moving to drop the case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn. (MSNBC)

# USAID retirees sign letter of support for State Department officials testifying in Trump impeachment inquiry (Wash.Post)

##”For decades, seemingly innocuous language and terms such as “self-sufficiency” and “dignity of work” have been used as racist dog whistles to stigmatize safety net programs and their recipients. (American Progress)

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