Tomorrows celebrations

-Joey Robinette, aka Biden, will virtually be sworn in as Virtual President of the Virtual United States amid much ‘pimp’ and ceremony:

1) A Mariachi band will play “Aveo El Jefe” as he enters

2) As he is sworn in, the ROOTS will play and Mariah Carey will sing the National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

3) The Oath of Office will be administered by George Soros and Joey will take the oath with his hand on a copy of the Paris Climate accord

4) Ceremonies will conclude with a flyover by the PRC’s ‘lan se tianshi’ (CCP’s ‘Blue Angels’)

5) The virtual ‘electorate’/crowd will be serenaded by the “Margaret Sanger Singers” with their Top Ten recording of “NOT Born in the USA”        dlh

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