Proposed Resolutions for County Republican Central Committees

Local political activist and former multi-term Scott County Republican Chairman Susan Frazer sends this list of election integrity /security subject matter reforms from the work of an ad hoc group of fellow activists.  They are intended to be introduced at central committee meetings, serve as action items and percolate up to the state party. No doubt presenters will flesh them out upon introduction of the items.

RESOLVED Clean up voter rolls
i.e. 20 counties exceed 100% registration

RESOLVED Eliminate same day voter registration

RESOLVED Tighten absentee vote window

RESOLVED Standardized recount process in all counties and precincts

RESOLVED Outlaw outside private funding of our public elections
i.e. Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) funding to counties

RESOLVED Full transparency, outlaw voting machines with network connectivity

Assuming resolution(s) pass, ask CC to send them to all elected officials
County, State and Federal

SCR (Scott County Republican Party) issue press release of resolutions

Forward resolution to State Central Committee, ask for distribution to
all county committees

Ask all members of the SCR to forward individually to our elected officials
at all levels of government, provide email contacts

We would add an item to insure chain of custody and enhanced security of all official ballots before and after voting.  More on the matter later.

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