Moreon “Smilin’ Joe Biden

Its not just current cops and military he is willing or programmed to shaft

Biden Says Military Veterans, Ex-Cops Spurred Growth Of White Supremacy

“These (men and women), military veterans, ex-cops, these are ‘dangerous people.”

Smilin’ joe is the definition of

“Smile in your face and stab you in the back”

When someone pretends or portrays themselves as your friend, or that they have your interests, your welfare at heart but instead they are involved in treacherous actions/words against you. Theses actions/words are used to benefit them by discrediting you. They might figuratively be patting you on the back with one hand, and knifing you with the other. You think they are doing good for you and find out that their personal priorities are unscrupulous (corrupt).

Biden’s instincts are personal/family aggrandizement. Unfortunately he is now almost an empty vessel for others to write their own grand megalomaniacal designs.


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